Preloved and Perfect Terms and Conditions

This section refers to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. By purchasing goods and/or services from Preloved and Perfect Bridal, the Purchaser is bound by these Terms. 

Point of Sale

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to every purchase or supply of goods or services between Preloved and Perfect Bridal and the Purchaser. 

2. All goods purchased are "sold as seen" and non-refundable.  

3. The entire price is taken at point of sale in the form of either cash or debit/credit card.

4. All goods are to be removed from the Preloved and Perfect Bridal premises immediately after purchase. 


5. Preloved and Perfect Bridal dresses are second hand and may have had previous alterations made to them. 

6. Sizing is based on measurements taken when the dresses arrive in store and have been given a more realistic size guide than the original label shows. 

Fittings and Alterations

7. Fittings and Alterations are not carried out by Preloved and Perfect Bridal but are able to recommend a local Seamstress.

8. Preloved and Perfect Bridal does not employ such recommended Seamstress and therefore does not accept any liability ot responsibility for any disputes between the Purchaser and the Seamstress. 

9. The Purchasers chosen Seamstress will charge for fittings and alterations separately.