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Preloved & Perfect - Raising a baby doesn't have to cost the Earth

It’s one of the most amazing and precious moments of any parents’ life, when they discover that they’re expecting a baby! It’s so saddening however that in today’s society, these feelings of joy and exhilaration can be coupled with anxiety over the financial costs of raising a baby. I was a student when I fell pregnant with my first baby, and I found myself asking ‘how can I afford this’ as my mind raced with all the things I was going to need to raise this tiny human. The list is just endless and it’s not surprising that parents feel...

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Preloved & Perfect - Our Second Hand Clothes Story

It's new wardrobe time for your little one who has yet again grown out of all the clothes you bought only a few weeks ago. So off you go to the shops; child (and snacks, milk, toys, dummies, spare clothes, nappies, baby wipes the lot) in tow. You survive the tantrums and manage to purchase some more clothes that will be worn a handful of times. I know this less than enjoyable shopping experience well. I am a mum of two who like all others has muddled through on a learning journey with help and advice from family, friends and...

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